warehouse-485240_1920Temperature variation inside a large area like a warehouse can be significant. If the area is used to store temperature sensitive products like medicine or food, it is important to ensure that temperature is well controlled in each part of the area and that hot spots and cold spots are being effectively monitored. Our Temperature mapping service allows our clients to achieve just that. In Saudi Arabia, Temperature Mapping is a requirement by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

We provide temperature mapping services in Saudi Arabia for warehouses, transportation vans, cold stores and any other storage area.

After signing the mapping contract with the customer, we perform a site survey for general assessment. During this visit, we may recommend initial measures to solve obvious problems like blocked areas that do not receive proper air flow or air conditioning temperature being too cold or too hot. This also helps achieving a successful temperature mapping study.

Mapping protocol is then agreed with the client. It includes detailed steps that our technicians will take during the exercise. The protocol also includes the acceptance criteria for the study and sets the responsibility of each party.

Our technicians then fix temperature and humidity loggers in a 3-dimensional grid that covers the entire area. The loggers are kept in place for the study duration. For pharmaceutical industries, WHO recommends the study duration to be 7 days for warehouses and 24 hours for small cold rooms and transportation vans. During this time, air conditioning system in the warehouse or the cooling system of the van should be continuously working.

The loggers data are then downloaded and processed. Graphs of temperature and humidity in addition to other statistics are investigated and analyzed. The results are compared to the acceptance criteria decided earlier in the protocol and a conclusion is then drafted. If certain locations are found to have poor temperature control, remedial actions can be suggested. A complete report is then delivered to the client that includes the agreed mapping protocol, locations of the loggers, a summary of loggers’ readings in addition to the raw loggers data.

The final Temperature Mapping report also includes a map showing suggested locations to fix the permanent data loggers which we supply as well. The number and locations of these permanent data loggers are decided based on elaborate criteria included in the mapping protocol.

Using our Temperature Mapping Services in Saudi Arabia, you can rest assured that your warehouse, transportation vehicles and your cold rooms are all suitable for storing temperature and humidity sensitive products. Our Temperature Mapping report will serve as a solid proof that you have an effective supply chain system capable of dealing with temperature sensitive products.

BRILLIANT SKIES is your one stop shop for all temperature and humidity mapping and logging services. Our experienced staff will be more than happy to answer any question you might have related to temperature mapping.

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