BoardAcquiring environmental measurements and recording them is required in numerous industries like Pharmaceutical, Industrial plants, Transportation, Weather stations, IT and many others. Electronic sensors are now available to measure virtually any physical quantity including temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, gas concentration, etc.

Our solutions allow the user to measure and record all types of measurements using a network of electronic devices that interface the sensors to a PC based software program. Once the data is acquired by the software, it can be processed in different ways. For example, certain high and low thresholds can be established so that the user automatically gets an alarm whenever a certain sensor exceeds its setting.

drugs-758837_1280In a pharmaceutical warehouse, temperature and humidity need to be controlled for adequate storage of drugs. Electronic sensors are installed to continuously measure the temperature and humidity levels. If, for any reason, the temperature exceeds the preset thresholds, the variation is immediately detected by the system and an alarm is triggered to notify the concerned parties. This can be an audible alarm, an email, autodialed phone call with a pre-saved message or a mobile SMS.



datacenter-286386_1280A server room in an organization of any size houses the company servers that contain crucial and highly sensitive data. It is therefore of paramount importance to make sure the conditions in the room are adequate and to get an immediate alarm in case of any discrepancy. Temperature and humidity sensors are installed to make sure the air conditioning equipment is working properly. Additionally, water leak sensors are used to detect any water flood that can occur either due to external weather conditions or equipment malfunction. If any sensor detects a problem, the concerned users will receive SMS and email alarms immediately.


weather-station-72067Weather stations employ several types of sensors to acquire environmental data including temperature, humidity, wind speed and atmospheric pressure. Using data modems, these readings are transmitted to a central location where they are stored and processed. The data are then used to feed the weather model that predicts future weather.

steel-mill-616526_640Industrial plants are required by authorities to monitor the exhaust gases that are being released to the environment. A system of sensors and data loggers is used to continuously capture samples of the produced gas, analyze them to determine the concentration of certain gases like oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, etc. and then store all these readings in a computer software. Alarms are also sent in case of any discrepancy. The captured data are kept for auditors as a proof of compliance.